Get A New Office Up & Running quickly, Or Enhance The Speed Of Your Current Network With Premise Wiring Solutions

Premise Wiring

Proper Wiring is Key to your Computer Infrastructure

We provide you with a concise IT road map to success.

A properly planned and executed computing infrastructure is a vital part of your business. At SNS Technologies, our team of knowledgeable experts provides network cabling and wiring expertise that will meet or exceed your company’s computer infrastructure needs. We are fully versed in industry best practices and standards in regards to network mapping, setup, management, Cat5e wiring, Cat6 wiring, and Fiber Optic wiring.

If your computing infrastructure is an essential part of your business, there’s a good chance that you require a comprehensive strategy covering how to make your IT work best for you. Our technicians can present solutions that will keep your computing infrastructure organized and your costs low. SNS Technologies’ network cabling and wiring services can improve your bottom-line profitability by saving you both time and money.

  • CAT 5, CAT 6, & Fiber Optic Structured Cablingoffice-network cabling
  • Security, Audio, & Video Wiring
  • Advanced Racking & Cable Management Solutions
  • Short & Long Range Wireless Transport
  • Burial, Aerial, Outdoor, Multi-Floor, & Other Difficult Installation

Since 2010, SNS Technologies has worked closely with contractors, electricians, and engineers to bridge the gap between construction and the needs of the IT department and office manager. We are a group of IT professionals and skilled technicians that come out prepared and ready to install. Our technicians arrive in fully stocked company vans loaded with tools, ladders, drills and extra materials. What this means is saving time, which translates into saving you money.

Computer Network Cabling

office premise wiringSNS designs, installs, and maintains the LAN wiring infrastructure in numerous facilities throughout Beaufort County. A properly engineered and implemented wiring scheme saves money, reduces system down time, and provides for cost effective future network growth. Our engineers and technicians are proficient in the widest variety of network media. Whether we are dealing with a new construction, upgrading an outdated infrastructure, or working on an expansion project, our goal is the same as yours: a high-quality infrastructure capable of taking advantage of today’s top network equipment.

Telephone Installs/Voice Cabling

We perform the entire range of telephone wiring and system needs utilizing our experience and resources for various systems.

  • CABLING: Station wiring, demark extensions, fax/modem wiring and jacks, backbone trunk cabling, pre-wiring for any phone system or vendor.
  • Telephone systems: basic system installation, system relocations, lines and extensions.
  • VOIP: Cat3, Cat5e, Cat6 wiring, voice to patch panels, cabling and networks analysis for migration to VOIP.
  • Extras: Surge protection, backboards, grounding, paging, background music.

Office Equipment Relocations

Save time and money by having the professionals at SNS Technologies manage your move and relocate all your communications, network, and office equipment.

  • One Point of Contact. Guaranteed Service.
  • Careful Scheduling For Each Phase of Your Move
  • Pre-Move Training and Consultation
  • Proper Packing For Your Valuable IT Equipment
  • Professional Deinstallation and Reinstallation
  • Computer Room Design and Set-Up
  • Phones and Computers Move Back to Same User
  • Day After Move On-Site Support
cabling solutions

Data Center Setup & Installation

SNS Technologies designs, installs, and maintains the wiring infrastructure for your phone closets, communications rooms and data centers. A properly engineered and implemented wiring scheme saves money, reduces system down time, and provides for cost effective future network growth. Our engineers and technicians are proficient in the setup of racks and equipment with proper grounding, firewall sleeves, and surge protection to meet equipment specifications and building codes. Our goal is the same as yours; a cost effective yet high quality infrastructure.

  • Custom Cabling installations: Category 5e, Category 6, Category 6A and fiber optic custom made set ups between cabinets, racks and under the floor installations for a perfect fit.
  • Racks, cabinets and overhead cable tray system installations.
  • Skilled assistance in setting up your equipment and patching it in.
  • Source for accessories ? We can provide items such as wire minders, surge strips, rack shelving, backboards for wall mounted equipment.

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